EveryonePrint: General Information

How to Easily Print from Any Device with EveryonePrint

What Does EveryonePrint Do?

EveryonePrint is a server-based secure and mobile printing solution that allows users to print from their workstations, notebooks, or mobile devices with extreme ease, using Web print, driver printing, or email printing.

EveryonePrint is an innovative server-based solution designed to streamline the printing process in a secure and user-friendly way. It provides a variety of simple printing options to fit everyone's needs in today's workplace.

With EveryonePrint, you can easily print documents from your desktop workstations, making it ideal for office settings where quick and reliable access to printers is essential. The platform also supports notebooks, providing a seamless printing experience for professionals.

EveryonePrint excels in mobile printing capabilities. Users can effortlessly print from their smartphones and tablets, which is perfect for today's dynamic work environments. Whether you're in a meeting room, at a remote site, or working from home, you can send documents to print from your mobile device.

The solution offers multiple printing options:

  • Web Print: This feature allows users to upload documents to a web portal and print them without the need for driver installation. It's a straightforward method that works well in a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) environment.
  • Driver Print: For those who prefer the traditional way, EveryonePrint provides driver-based printing that integrates with your device's operating system, allowing for a range of printing preferences and settings.
  • Email Print: With email print, you can send documents to a unique email address assigned to your printer. The system processes the documents and makes them ready for printing, adding convenience for users who are on the go or using devices that do not have direct printing capabilities.

EveryonePrint is designed with security in mind, ensuring that sensitive information remains protected throughout the printing process. It offers user authentication, secure release, and the ability to track and manage print jobs, which is crucial for maintaining document confidentiality and reducing unnecessary printing, thereby contributing to cost savings and environmental sustainability.

Whether for a small business or a large enterprise, EveryonePrint adapts to the specific needs of any organization, offering a scalable, reliable, and efficient printing solution.

What Doesn't EveryonePrint Do?

EveryonePrint is designed to provide a simple and efficient solution for printing without the need for extensive print tracking, accounting, or user billing. While it does not offer these features directly, it seamlessly integrates with other products that specialize in these areas.

Can EveryonePrint Be Installed on a Windows 7 or 8 Workstation?

While you can install EveryonePrint on any version of Windows (we've even had fun running EveryonePrint on a Windows 2000 server), and we use Windows 7 and 8 internally for development, demos, or labs, for live production use, we only officially support Windows server operating systems. If the EveryonePrint server is supposed to handle any actual print volume, then the workstation operating system doesn't scale properly.

Can WiFi and Mobile Printing Be Set up Exclusively for an Internal Network?

EveryonePrint is installed locally on your network, and if you want, you can keep everything local. Nothing is transmitted to outside third parties, and no access from outside to inside your network is necessary. You can decide how much you want to open up.

What Do I Need in order to Start Using EveryonePrint?

You need a server with a Windows operating system (all 2003, 2008, or 2012 servers 32 or 64-bit). We recommend a minimum of 1 GB ram and 10 GB free disk space for testing. For production in higher volume printing, we recommend 2-4 GB RAM and, ideally, 20 GB free disk space.

Which languages are supported?

The administration interface is available in English, French and German.

The administration interface is available in English, French, and German.

The end-user interfaces support 20 languages: most European languages, including Bulgarian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Norwegian, Polish, Spanish, Swedish, and  Welsh, and also Russian, Turkish, Chinese, Korean and Japanese. Translating to other languages is easy, so if you need something else, please contact us!

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