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3.34 Integration with Auth0 Identity Platform

3.34 SAFEQ Cloud and Auth0 Integration

SAFEQ Cloud offers organizations a secure and reliable platform for managing their print and scan workflows. SAFEQ Cloud provides customers with full flexibility to use their identity provider of choice.

In our 3.34 product release, we take user authentication and authorization to new heights. How? We're adding Auth0 support to our existing support for Microsoft Azure, Google Workspace, OKTA, and Ping, and more.

What is auth0?

This authentication solution is widely recognized as a trusted and innovative drop-in identity platform solution. The identity authentication provider offers comprehensive authentication and authorization services for web, mobile, and legacy applications.

This platform has become a popular choice among developers and enterprises worldwide due to its robust features. These features include single sign-on (SSO), multi-factor authentication (MFA), and identity management. Auth0 provides a scalable and secure foundation, empowering organizations to centralize and manage user identities effortlessly.

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Is Auth0 Owned by OKTA?

Okta announced the completion of its acquisition of the Auth0 identity platform in 2021, operating as an independent business unit within Okta. Okta and Auth0 together provide a wide range of digital identity services. They enable secure access and make it possible for offices to use any technology, including cloud printing solutions, safely.

Both of these identity management solutions (IAM systems) are available for SAFEQ Cloud. This allows us to provide access control and authentication for SMBs and enterprises alike.

We are combining SAFEQ Cloud's print and document workflow management with Auth0. This empowers organizations to improve their data security and user experiences, taking them to new heights of success.


When did OKTA Acquire Auth0?

Okta, Inc., announced on May 3rd, 2021, the successful completion of its acquisition of the Auth0 identity and access management (IAM) platform.


🔐 Enhanced Security within SAFEQ Cloud

By leveraging Auth0's robust authentication mechanisms, SAFEQ Cloud provides organizations with an additional layer of security. With features like multi-factor authentication, organizations can rest assured that only authorized users can access their print and document workflows.


🙌🏼 Simplified User Experience

Auth0's single sign-on capability enables users to access SAFEQ Cloud seamlessly using their existing credentials. This eliminates the need for multiple logins, reducing friction and enhancing productivity.


🌐 Centralized Identity Management

Auth0's identity management enables organizations to centralize user identity and access control across various applications. SAFEQ Cloud leverages this functionality to make it easier for administrators to manage user access rights and permissions effectively.


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