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John XXIII College Case Study

Customer Profile

John XXIII College is an inclusive co-educational community where students grow to become men and women for others. Integrity, intellect and personal faith are the heartbeat of this contemporary Catholic College.

Its university-inspired campus in Mount Claremont, Western Australia, is home to students from pre-Kindergarten to Year 12. The John XXIII College community shares, celebrates, and serves with compassion. At John XXIII College, every student is challenged and supported to achieve academic and personal excellence.

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Software integration for print management, scanning workflows, and ability to edit forms as required.

John XXIII College was ready to upgrade its printer fleet and needed machines with strong software integration to enable scanning workflows and the ability to edit forms. The College previously used a solution that was prevalent in the education industry but didn’t provide the functionality and flexibility the College required.

John XXIII College has a dedicated print hub that required production-capable machines. Because the existing machines were low specification, the College often had to outsource jobs, which created additional costs and inefficiencies.

John XXIII College had a disparate printer fleet consisting of 25 multifunction devices (MFDs) with multiple laser printers scattered throughout the offices. There was no consistent quality on the machines because they were all different, and the fleet was fragmented and costly to manage. John XXIII College needed advice on how to consolidate its fleet to save costs, improve output, and improve efficiency.


• YSoft SAFEQ 6 Enterprise Suite
• Be3D eDee

John XXIII College chose Konica Minolta due to its clear understanding of the College’s needs. Konica Minolta recommended a solution that consolidated the College’s printer fleet, upgraded the equipment in the print hub to a production machine and included the SAFEQ 6 Enterprise Suite to centralize print management, increase document security, and improve workflow productivity. Be3D eDee, a 3D printer and print management solution, was also implemented to promote the innovation of 3D technology in the classroom.

Yugon Chobanoff, ICT Operations Manager, John XXIII College said, “The Y Soft workflow platform is a clear leader when compared with other print management solutions used in schools. Konica Minolta advised that it could work with the incumbent platform but recommended the College consider Y Soft as a possible solution. A recommendation that we are now very thankful we chose.


• Cost-effective printer fleet
• Reduced waste and cost 
• Improved visibility into printing

The SAFEQ 6 workflow platform has also delivered significant benefits in terms of streamlined workflows and other print management features.

 “The Y Soft solution has been a game changer for the College as it provided everything we needed in one single solution which included secure print release, costing and scanning workflows. The installation was seamless and ready to go from day one.”

Yugon Chobanoff said, “The scanning aspect of the Y Soft solution has been a big win for College staff. Previously, the only option was to scan to email or a network folder. Now, staff members can go to a Konica Minolta machine, swipe their card or enter their PIN, then scan to any folder located in an Office 365 document library, their personal OneDrive, or their email. The Y Soft solution offers many other enhanced features, including optical character recognition (OCR), redaction, and automatic naming of 
documents based on highlighted sections of the document. The College’s Business Manager and Accounts Department particularly enjoy these features, which weren’t available before.”

“The solution is extremely capable and very stable, with no outages experienced. Mobile and desktop printing are equally seamless due to the Y Soft solution. It also enables guest printing, which wasn’t an option in the past.”

Y Soft has provided better visibility into laser printing volumes so that the College can get a sense of trends and habits. Once this has been in place for a year or so, the College will then look to invoke policies to reduce printer use and wastage, then use advanced features of the SAFEQ 6 solution as appropriate.

The Be3D eDee 3D printer is secure, safe, and easy for students to use. In the past, the College had a capable 3D printer, but it wasn’t integrated into the College’s print management system, so it was impossible to track usage. Anyone could open the printer door and damage the job in progress.

Yugon Chobanoff said, “Having secure release capabilities and notification through Y Soft that the 3D print job is complete is brilliant. It has made it easier to integrate 3D printing into teaching and learning. The printer has given students an appetite for 3D printing and the College is in discussions with Konica Minolta regarding the next step for innovation in 3D printing.”