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HP is a massive multinational technology manufacturer and one of Y Soft's strategic partners. The company delivers office and home office equipment with everything from computers, printers (2D and 3D), and companion supplies.

In this episode, Paul Birkett, Worldwide Head of Print and Workflow Management at HP, shares his thoughts on the future of print, the role of the customer, and what no print management means to him. 

Paul walks us through:

  • The need for customers to have a choice over their IT architecture and be facilitated by vendors to reach their goals;
  • Challenges for the industry of what needs to be collectively improved to move our industry further;
  • The outcomes we need to deliver to customers in terms of cost, risk mitigation, and business growth;
  • Opportunities locked inside customer data;
  • How cool it would be to tackle that one big IT problem that has never been wrestled with.