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3.33 Fujifilm BI Cloud Embedded

3.33 Fujifilm BI cloud embedded

In our 3.33 product release, we're enabling infrastructure-less print and scan to our FujiFilm BI Embedded users.

​⚒️ simplified terminal installation

SAFEQ Cloud brings an updated UI to our FujiFilm BI Embedded users, with a set of simplified installation steps for deploying the embedded terminal–effectively reducing installation time per device and onsite presence and costs associated with onsite services.


🖨️ push print in pdf output type

We're also making it possible for FujiFilm users to set up the FujiFilm BI terminal to easily push print with the PDF output type. Fujifilm BI devices can now be used without needing the Postscript module on the devices.


👥 Global availability for all users

SAFEQ Cloud 3.33 provides flexibility in where jobs can be stored prior to release: locally on the PC Client or Secondary Gateway, in the cloud, or any combination. Either option includes efficient job delivery and a consistently great user experience.


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