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3.39 PC Client Vulnerability Resolution

3.39 Vulnerability Resolved

Many may see Halloween as a scary time. At Y Soft, we're shedding light on the dark corners of this Holiday and reassuring SAFEQ Cloud customers that their platform's integrity and security is our top priority.

With SAFEQ Cloud version 3.39, we've resolved a recently detected PC client vulnerability.

🔍 The Vulnerability explained

On September 30th, Curl developers reported a vulnerability on curl/ libcurl regarding token injection on no-file.Even though the SAFEQ Cloud product itself is not affected by this vulnerability, the PC Client uses the affected proxy during installations.


🔒 The Vulnerability resolved

In response to this recently identified vulnerability, our team has acted swiftly to successfully address the issue in our 3.39 release. We strongly recommend all partners and customers upgrade to the 3.39 version at their earliest convenience to ensure their systems remain secure and reliable.

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