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3.43 Enhancements to​ API Access Keys

SAFEQ Cloud 3.43 Enhanced API Access Key Configuration

With SAFEQ Cloud 3.43, users can benefit from an enhanced API Access Key configuration to make the admin's life easier.

🖥️ Easier API Access Key Entry

Users can now effortlessly input the API Access Keys into their device configurations, streamlining the setup process and eliminating any potential barriers to getting started with the system.

This enhancement not only simplifies the initial steps of integration but also ensures a seamless and efficient user experience from the very beginning.



🔑 Greater Flexibility

Admin now has the flexibility to generate more API access keys without the hassle of having to cancel any existing ones, enhancing security measures and ensuring smooth operations of the system. This added flexibility simplifies key management and provides a more robust solution for users.

Enhancements to API access keys in SAFEQ Cloud 3.43