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SAFEQ Cloud 3.14

Ricoh SOP Embedded

The Y Soft Ricoh SOP Embedded Client has for the 3.14 version received numerous amount of feature enhancements and improvements, which all contribute to an easy-to-use client with improved stability and End-User optimization.

Installation is much simpler, with automated SP mode settings meaning no advanced configuration is needed on the device before deployment. The End-User experience has been augmented with updated animations and user feedback. Lastly, the card reader logic has been updated, for a more stable performance.

Sharp Embedded

Based on customer and partner feedback, the Sharp embedded client has been enhanced with updated features and user interface fixes. These improve general usability and address some inconsistent UI elements on specific Sharp devices.

This update of the Sharp embedded has had the aim to enhance the overall experience for the end-user. The end-user will now not just have an improved experience on Sharp devices, but just as well a more consistent interface in multi-fleet environments.

Performance enhancements

As always high stability and performance are of the highest priority for us. Therefore, we have again for the 3.14 version of SAFEQ Cloud improved the overall performance by core elements of the solution and optimizing key components.

Such as:

  • Improved session size logging for improved overall performance
  • Improved backend database logic for future-proofing the solution and performance enhancement
  • Data retrieval for server’s page improvements
  • Updated stored session data in synced cluster storage