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Madgwicks Lawyers Case Study

Customer Profile

Madgwicks Lawyers is a Melbourne-based commercial law company 
providing legal solutions for organisations and individuals in the franchising, funds management and superannuation, specialist residential and hospitality, and sports law sectors.

The company employs approximately 100 people and focuses its services on the Melbourne area.



Like all law companies, Madgwicks relies heavily on reams of paperwork related to each matter it handles and required an efficient system to manage the workload.

Scott Butler, IT and project delivery manager, Madgwicks Lawyers, said, “There was no pull-printing solution in place, which meant that staff required printers on their desks to avoid confidentiality issues when printing out client-related documents."

“And, when staff members scanned a document using the existing system, it was often very challenging to find that document. Without an optical character recognition (OCR) solution in place, staff members could only search filenames but not content. Therefore, if they didn’t already know the filename that the document was saved under, it could be almost impossible to find that document again.”

Madgwicks wanted to improve these processes by implementing a pull-printing system that would let staff members print to any device in the office and retrieve their print job by swiping a badge. The company also wanted to remove desktop printers to simplify management of the print environment and reduce costs. They also needed a scanning solution that would make it simple to find the scanned document.


Madgwicks went to market and engaged a number of suppliers and third-party partners to search for the most appropriate solution. Madgwicks chose Y Soft print management software for a seamless and highly functional print environment.

Using the Y Soft print management solution, Madgwicks staff members were able to move from a printer on every desk to a far more streamlined fleet. SAFEQ 6 Enterprise Suite offers print management and advanced document capture, letting Madgwicks staff manage information in a more streamlined and timely way. 

“I have worked with numerous other solutions and the Y Soft solution was the most advanced yet simplest to manage solution I’d seen. That impressed me greatly.”

Importantly, the Y Soft solution includes scan highlighting and OCR, which helps Madgwicks staff members spend less time managing information and more time working with it.


Since implementing the SAFEQ 6 Enterprise Suite, Madgwicks staff members have experienced significant improvements in their scan and workflow functions.

Scott Butler said, “The accounts department is already using the highlighting techniques available when scanning to help them with trust account receipting every month, which is a huge win for them. They get the files in, named exactly what they’ve highlighted, so they know what receipt needs to go where immediately. In the past, this process would have required them to open the file, read the receipt, find the relevant information, close the file, and save it. Now, they can drag and drop the files, which is easy and saves massive amounts of time."

“Following an exceptionally smooth implementation, the Y Soft solution is delivering everything that was asked of it.”

Even with regular scanning, the OCR capabilities mean simple things like PDFs are orientated the right way. This has been a pleasant surprise for many of the staff who had never seen this type of capability before. This saves time because it means staff members don’t have to spend time turning pages around, removing blank pages, and re-saving documents. In a law firm where time is money, this is invaluable.

Like many law firms, Madgwicks has moved away from directly charging print costs back to clients and, instead, charges a flat administration fee. The Y Soft solution helps Madgwicks keep those costs under control with much greater visibility into where the cost sits, what types of jobs costs are associated with, which departments are doing more colour printing or higher volume printing than others, and so on.

Scott Butler said, “Y Soft provides business intelligence reporting that let us play with and adjust our billing and our processes to ensure the flat fee works for the firm and for its clients. It delivers much greater insight into what’s actually going on so we can address excess costs instead of blindly charging everything back to the client."