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McCullough Robertson Case Study

Customer Profile

McCullough Robertson Lawyers is an Australian-grown independent law company, with more than 90 years’ experience providing commercial legal solutions for individuals and organizations.

McCullough Robertson has firms across Brisbane, Sydney, Newcastle, Canberra and Melbourne, with a team of professionals aligned with many industries to ensure a client-first practice. With its team of experts and inclusive workplace, McCullough Robertson has been awarded a range of awards and certifications, including: The Legal 500 Asia Pacific Leading Firm 2020; Global Law Experts Annual Awards Winner 2020; Diversity and Inclusion – Equity Advocate Award Winner 2019; and WGEA Employer of Choice for Gender Equality award.



McCullough Robertson was looking for a new printing solution that had a more direct approach to print management, consistent products and simplified device use and management. The new solution needed to maintain a high level of client confidentiality when printing, while also providing a simplified solution. 

Following a tender process, Y Soft’s local reseller partner instilled confidence and demonstrated the best value solution.


During a proof-of-concept trial, McCullough Robertson experienced the benefits of SAFEQ 6 firsthand. Y Soft’s partner provided a new fleet of 38 printers across Robertson McCullough’s Brisbane, Sydney and Newcastle offices, each equipped with YSoft SAFEQ secure print management software. Lawyers use individual swipe cards to access and print their documents, limiting other parties from viewing confidential information. 

The software also provides McCullough Robertson with print reports that show how much printing is done, by whom, and the associated costs.

Christian De Clara, business services manager – facilities and operations, 
McCullough Robertson Lawyers, said, “McCullough Robertson has a team of 350 people across three offices, so having consistency of products was an important factor, along with cost savings. SAFEQ 6 printing reports provide visibility into how lawyers are using print facilities and what costs have been saved.

The ease-of-use of the SAFEQ 6 interface has also made the transition to new printers much smoother across offices. Lawyers can easily print across all devices using their swipe cards, which has helped to ensure confidentiality, reduced lost documents at printers and minimized unnecessary printing.

SAFEQ 6 also addresses client confidentiality by providing a secure printing method with individual swipe cards for lawyers. This upholds 
Robertson McCullough’s values: putting clients first; and building a strong relationship with trust,” Christian said.


McCullough Robertson has realized significant savings on print costs, as 
demonstrated in the SAFEQ 6 printing reports. The easy-to-use SAFEQ 6 interface has also contributed to reducing incorrect printing and the amount of reprinting that previously had to be done.

The reports have also let the firm see its impact on the environment. This has helped McCullough Robertson improve its sustainability efforts, which is another important firm value. In compliance with the Australian government, reports can be easily generated and submitted to show the firm’s sustainability efforts and environmental impact each year.

The reports have also provided visibility into employees’ printing behaviors to ensure data and information remain protected. With a personalized swipe card, lawyers can ensure documents remain confidential, only being handled by approved parties. As lawyers return to offices following the impact of COVID-19, SAFEQ 6 pull printing capability lets users print from any printer. Swipe cards are also proving valuable by limiting people’s need to touch device screens. 

Christian De Clara said, “McCullough Robertson has made significant savings on printing costs since switching to new printers equipped with SAFEQ 6, providing massive savings to the firm. SAFEQ 6 printing reports have demonstrated where these savings have been made and what areas can be improved. 

SAFEQ 6 also addresses client confidentiality by providing a secure printing method with individual swipe cards for lawyers. This upholds Robertson McCullough’s values: putting clients first; and building a strong relationship with trust.” 

The tailored solution using SAFEQ 6 upholds McCullough Robertson’s high standard of dedication to clients and commitment to ensuring confidentiality. 

The solution has also provided lawyers with operational benefits through 
ease-of-use, as well as the benefits of reducing costs and improving 
sustainability efforts.