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SAFEQ Cloud Elevates & Simplifies the Capture Game

Y Soft, a leading provider of print and capture software solutions, is excited to announce the launch of our newest SAFEQ Cloud® enhancement - document capture, scan workflows, and searchable text. 

In today's fast-paced world, organizations are dealing with a constant waterfall of information–much of which is shared on documents. From invoices and contracts to emails and employee records, businesses are dealing with vast amounts of data every single day. 

SAFEQ Cloud’s new scanning capability is designed to transform the way our customers process documents and handle data. By streamlining and simplifying the capture and conversion of paper documents into digital formats, SAFEQ Cloud’s multi-vendor document capture and workflow capability helps businesses accelerate digitization and future-proof their IT infrastructure. 

Eliminate time and resources spent on manual data entry

The OCR technology included in this feature enables digital documents to be found through keyword search or metadata, and edited. Digital documents thereby become extra valuable, highly reusable, and productivity enhancers with support for digital formats such as Microsoft Word, PDF, or HTML. 
"We are excited to launch our new document capture software that incorporates OCR technology," said Tavs Dalaa, CTO of Y Soft. "The software will help businesses reduce the amount of time and resources spent on manual data entry, while improving accuracy and increasing productivity."

Benefits of OCR: 

  1. Advanced searchability: Metadata can include keywords, tags, and other descriptive information to make it easier to search and find specific documents within a large document repository.

  2. Enhanced organization: Metadata can be used to categorize and organize documents, making it easier to browse and navigate through large document collections.

  3. Improved collaboration: Metadata can include information about document ownership, version control, and other details that facilitate teamwork among employees.

  4. Better compliance: Metadata can be used to track document versions, maintain audit trails, and ensure compliance with regulatory requirements.


One simple feature, effective for many

The new software will be a valuable addition to industries like healthcare, legal, and finance, where document processing is a critical part of daily operations. With the capture feature, SAFEQ Cloud can process large volumes of documents quickly and with high precision. 

In addition to OCR technology, the software includes a range of features that will enhance the user journey with the adoption of 'One touch Workflows' and the ability to enrich the data capture with pre-defined metadata capture. Your One touch Workflows can be tailored to fit the specific document scanning needs within your organization. 

Here’s the lowdown of what SAFEQ Cloud’s scan-ability can do: 

  1. OCR technology for enhanced document processing 
  2. Administrator-defined scan settings like resolution and color or B&W
  3. Scan directly to email and 3rd party repositories (OneDrive and SharePoint)
  4. Includes various metadata capabilities to describe the content, context, and structure of a document

The software is available for purchase now, and we are offering a free trial for interested businesses.
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