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SAFEQ Cloud; Now with Next-Gen Pure Cloud Terminals

SAFEQ Cloud Next-Gen Pure Cloud Terminals

We’re excited to introduce to the market a new generation of pure cloud terminals, now compatible with YSoft SAFEQ Cloud.

Y Soft, the business behind the leading cloud-based print management software, YSoft SAFEQ Cloud, has announced new and exciting pure cloud terminals supporting a mixed fleet of printers and providing businesses with a streamlined and secure printing solution, with everything in one place.

Cloud culture & the swift IT Shift

The rising investment in IT infrastructure over the last decade has led to a boost in cloud migrations. The market value for cloud migration services was $119 billion in 2020 and is expected to grow to $448 billion by 2026. The clear escalation of cloud services and their value has businesses shifting to cloud-first culture and strategies.

The shift to cloud services is prompted by organizations looking for new and innovative ways to oversee their printing infrastructure while ensuring (even accelerating) data security. By integrating SAFEQ Cloud with Pure Cloud Terminals, IT teams like yours are offered a simple, yet powerful solution that delivers secure printing capabilities to users without the need for any on-prem infrastructure–aside from the printers themselves.

With pure cloud terminals, devices connect directly to SAFEQ Cloud, allowing users to print and scan from their preferred devices via a secure connection to the cloud. With this integration, users can securely and quickly print documents, free from hardware and tedious management.


Everything on one user interface

With our new pure cloud terminals, you get the opportunity to access scan workflows with OCR technology, Scan-to capability, and increased searchability. YSoft SAFEQ Cloud ensures that printing remains fully secure (end-to-end encryption, zero-trust architecture, authentication) and easy to oversee, while users can access document capture workflows from the same user interface.

Y Soft is excited to extend support for pure cloud terminals to our extensive list of compatible devices for SAFEQ Cloud,” says Adam Bishop, Chief Marketing Officer at Y Soft.

Ricoh, HP, Konica Minolta, and FujiFilm are currently supported–and we plan to extend the support to other manufacturers over the next period of time.

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