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3.34 Pure Cloud Embedded Terminals

3.34 SAFEQ Cloud pure cloud terminals

With our 3.34 release, SAFEQ Cloud’s pure cloud terminals ensure organizations of all sizes can reach an infrastructure-less print and scan environment.

🌐 modern network architecture

Achieve a modern network architecture where printers and end-user devices (laptop, mobile, etc.) are on separate virtual networks, but still connected, and allow customers to move to "internet-only" networks.


🖥️ single user interface

With pure cloud terminals, access document capture and print workflows from the same user interface. The pure cloud terminals provide users with centralized print and capture with everything in one place.


✅ simple setup

The pure cloud embedded terminals allow us to simplify the setup and maintenance of a print environment. The solution makes it as easy as plugging in power and network and then simply overseeing the complete service in the cloud–from anywhere.


  1. Remove the need for on-premises infrastructure: You don't need to have a Secondary Gateway (physical or virtual) in your environment.

  2. Reduce cost: You won't need to purchase an OMNI bridge (or other hardware) or commission and maintain a virtual machine to run a Secondary Gateway.

  3. Scanning workflows (scan to email, OneDrive, Sharepoint) with OCR technology

  4. Improved user experience at the printer, for end-users

  5. Enable a modern network architecture (where printers and end-user devices (eg laptops etc.)) are on separate virtual networks.


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