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SAFEQ Cloud 3.23

HCP 3.23 comes with improved gateway connectivity and performance improvements

Welcome to the latest SAFEQ Cloud update as we continue to build and improve your cloud print solution every month.

SAFEQ Cloud 3.23 is here and with it, we bring some performance improvements as well as gateway connectivity improvements to all our SAFEQ Cloud clients.

Gateway Connectivity

In this release, we bring an improvement to the Gateway connectivity by upgrading our handshake protocol. The waiting time to securely connect the Gateway and PC clients in local storage mode has been reduced significantly as a result.


With the SAFEQ Cloud 3.23 release, we bring performance improvements to our authentication features, especially on the credentials part and multi-clusters environments.

  • Credentials: We've improved the login attempts logic to avoid unnecessary Azure account locking when wrong credentials are used. 
  • Multi-cluster environment: SAFEQ Cloud now has improved authentication stability in multi-cluster environments.

Make sure to update to this latest version to get all the new features and improvements.

And to learn more about the release and a complete list of updates, please check the version history in our Partner Zone.