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3.34 Document Capture Workflows

3.34 Scanning with SAFEQ Cloud

With SAFEQ Cloud 3.34, we're introducing mixed-fleet scanning to our users, including OCR technology, scan-to capabilities, and much more.

🌐 scan-to capabilities

No more complex workflows of scanning a document, saving it as a PDF, locating the PDF, and sending it via email or uploading it to your cloud repository.  
SAFEQ Cloud lets you seamlessly and automatically scan to email or a cloud repository (OneDrive or SharePoint Online) in a simple one-touch workflow.


👁️ ocr technology

SAFEQ Cloud uses OCR, optical character recognition, and intelligent data capture to ensure accurate capture and processing of data. The technology allows the software to recognize text from scanned documents and convert them into editable digitized formats.

what is ocr technology?

Optical Character Recognition (OCR) is the automated process of extracting data from printed or written text in a scanned document or image file and converting it into a digital, machine-readable format such as Microsoft Word, PDF, or HTML.


☁️ one-touch workflow

Let the software do the work–SAFEQ Cloud offers one-click scanning to a pre-chosen destination with absolute ease and total simplicity.

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