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3.40 Konica Minolta IWS Embedded

Konica Minolta embedded terminal enhancements SQC 3.40

SAFEQ Cloud version 3.40 is up and running, also for Konica Minolta IWS devices. In this update, we're bringing you improved efficiency, new software language options, and unified brand versioning.

🎚️ Improved efficiency

Customers using SAFEQ Cloud via the Konica Minolta embedded terminal will experience improved efficiency when releasing many print jobs at once.


🖥️ Additional Language options

In the new version of SAFEQ Cloud on Konica Minolta devices, we've brought in six new language options, ensuring your admins and users can navigate the software in their preferred language. New languages include:

  • Nordics: Norwegian and Swedish
  • Asia: Thai, Indonesian, Malay, and Korean

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