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3.41 HP Workpath Embedded Terminal

3.41 SQC update with HP workpath enhancements

SAFEQ Cloud version 3.41 is here. 

🖥️  admins can View and Export transaction data

In this version, we help admins get more visibility into usage patterns.​The update enables administrators using the HP Workpath terminal to access and view transaction data related to users’ copy and scan activities, including details such as the number of copies made, scanned documents, and associated user information.

The update gives admins a unique look into usage patterns, irregularities, or excessive use of copy and scan capabilities. It ensures IT admins can optimize their cost management and budget allocation and reduce waste.


🗑️ Users can select and delete one or multiple Print jobs

The new release also allows HP Workpath terminal users to select and delete one or more print jobs. The feature allows users to select and delete specific print jobs directly from the HP Workpath terminal interface.


🖨️ Enhanced Printing Flexibility with Customizable Finishing Options

With SAFEQ Cloud 3.41,  users can customize finishing options directly at the HP Workpath terminal interface. This ensures greater user flexibility, improved IT efficiency, and time savings.


👀 View recently Printed Documents even after authentication

The new “Reload jobs” feature allows your users to display a list of recently printed jobs on the HP Workpath terminal interface even after they have authenticated themselves. This ensures faster document retrieval and workflow continuity without navigating complex menus.



To give our HP-using customers more customization capabilities, we're introducing ​the ability to add your logo to the terminal interface. This ensures branding consistency, customization flexibility, and marketing opportunities for customers.


🖨️ Advanced Scanning Features Directly from the Device Interface

In this 3.41 version of SAFEQ Cloud, we're giving users the possibility to edit scanning settings without depending on external software. The enhancement allows our users to access and modify their scanning directly from the HP Workpath terminal with advanced settings controls.


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