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3.35 Simplified Account Creation

3.35 User Experience

SAFEQ Cloud 3.35 is here, and while it's a smaller release than 3.34 (Scanning, Pure Cloud Terminals, and OMNI Bridge compatibility), we've still got some great enhancements to share. First, let's talk about simplified user experience.


💻 simplified process for account creation

SAFEQ Cloud 3.35 comes with a simplified process for creating partner and vendor accounts via the Web Admin Console. The account creation screen is now split between Basic and Advanced Configuration.

On top of that, we've ensured auto population of required fields. These enhancements ensures improved user experience for both new partners and customers.


✅ Easy, in-app instructions

In-App instructions as well as user prompts have been added to the User Interface to make the process even smoother.


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