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SAFEQ Cloud 3.20

Release 3.20 Banner

Parli italiano? Spreek je Nederlands?

Introducing SAFEQ Cloud 3.20, which brings Italian and Dutch language support! We have also updated some features to improve your SAFEQ Cloud experience.

To get all the new features and improvements, make sure to update to this latest version. This release includes:

User Interface update

We enhanced the user experience with Italian and Dutch language support, improved dashboard performance, including new messages to indicate dashboard loading - and new options of information display.

API update

The 3.20 provides new functionalities and new messaging.

Performance improvements

The 3.20 comes with performance improvements, offering an enhanced user experience

Xerox Embedded update

The 3.20 brings French language support, performance and usability improvements, installation updates for the Xerox embedded.

Brother Embedded update

The 3.20 also provides French language support for the Brother embedded.