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Enjoy Safe and Secure Cloud Printing with Ping ID

The global pandemic has seen organizations press fast forward on their digital transformation plans, and with this comes the widespread adoption of cloud technology. Not only can moving core applications to the cloud help keep businesses moving, but it can also help company IT leads to keep up with the challenges that come along with supporting a remote workforce that uses multiple devices and connections.

While there is a lot to consider with any cloud management strategy, privacy is a significant concern for most organizations. This article will explain how Y Soft’s partners with Ping Identity to bring you safe and secure cloud printing.

Protecting Sensitive Information With Cloud Migration 

Migrating printing jobs to the cloud and removing the reliance on legacy on-premise infrastructure delivers many benefits. From reduced IT costs to more flexibility, mobility, agility, and scalability—the list goes on. And while all of these benefits are certainly notable, it does beg the question—how can this be safe?

Questions around the security of a cloud print service often have to do with identity and access management. With business applications residing both on-premise and in the cloud and the proliferation in endpoints as a result of the shift to a remote working model, the process of managing identities has become more complex.

At Y Soft, it’s our goal to offer customers integration with identity solutions that securely streamline administration across all their cloud-based applications and ensure end-users enjoy easy access to print.

Outdated Printing Methods Leave Room for Vulnerabilities

As mentioned earlier, privacy and security should be top of mind for any company looking to eliminate its reliance on a print server and turn instead to cloud printing. If your company is still using traditional non-cloud-based printing solutions, you may be vulnerable to certain threats like the Microsoft PrintNightmare vulnerability. And with popular cloud-based printing services like Google Cloud Print discontinued as of 2021, it has become both more difficult and more vital to find the perfect cloud printing service.

Enjoy Secure Printing with Y Soft’s Cloud Print Service 

We believe that a trustworthy cloud print management platform should support cloud-based Identity-as-a-Service (IDaaS) and identity and access management (IAM) solutions. This enables organizations to manage user identities across multi-domain, multi-tenancy environments seamlessly.

We’re constantly evolving our platform to enable customers to switch to a cloud-first print environment without having to make radical changes or compromises. This is especially important when it comes down to allowing existing secure single-sign-on, log-in, and authentication policies to be simply connected and extended to the SAFEQ Cloud.

That’s why we’ve ensured it’s easy to connect print to an existing authentication system (or systems), keep all users secure and up to date, and ensure that IT can control who can access what based on the roles they perform. After all, securing one set of credentials is much easier than managing many. This is where PingID comes into play.

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Why use  PingID for Cloud Printing? 

SAFEQ Cloud supports all leading IAM providers in this space, including Microsoft Azure, Active Directory, Okta, Google, and LDAP.  In direct response to customer demand, Y Soft has recently integrated with leading cloud-first authentication authority Ping Identity.

The Ping Intelligent Identity platform provides a comprehensive suite of identity services that work in any cloud, hybrid and on-premise environment. This includes multi-factor authentication and single sign-on, data governance, and intelligent API cybersecurity.

As a proud Ping Identity Silver Partner, YSoft SAFEQ Cloud customers can rely on expert-grade cloud printing authentication to access Ping ID’s centralized identity management.

We understand that securing and controlling access to resources is front and center for companies in all industries. That’s why our focus is firmly on ensuring SAFEQ Cloud meets our customers’ security requirements for user identity and cloud printing authentication across all domains and devices.

Easy Authentication for All Employees and Partners

PingID provides several authentication methods, including the PingID desktop app, the mobile application for Apple and Android devices, and PingID APIs. PingID supports a wide range of authentication methods, can integrate in minutes, and is versatile enough to secure all your applications and services regardless of where they’re hosted.

Print has long been a pain for IT, but it doesn’t have to be. Ping ID can help you stay ahead of the curve in a rapidly evolving digital world. Whether you have concerns about sensitive data leaving the network, a desire to align print with wider IT policies such as authentication, authorisation, and role-based access control, or a requirement for cloud-based print to work in a zero-trust environment, we make it easy to migrate print to the cloud in a way that suits your business.

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