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7 Ways Pure Cloud Solutions Drive Innovation Forward

Pure cloud solutions spur innovation

Not all cloud industry offerings are true cloud systems. You can find offerings ranging from cloud-ready, cloud-optimized, cloud-based, all the way up to native cloud. True cloud offerings and pure cloud terminals deliver solutions that are born in the cloud, i.e., native-cloud systems.

At its core, cloud software is technology accessible over the internet. With pure cloud, that access becomes available without the need for additional hardware. These solutions future-proof your IT infrastructure while reducing your workload and environmental footprint.

Pure cloud solutions run on a vendor’s cloud platform instead of an on-premises network, allowing organizations to access their ERP systems over the internet with ease. Pure cloud terminals connect devices and software instantly and securely, eliminating the need for IT teams to manage systems.

Let’s look closer into that!

What is a Pure Cloud Solution?

While cloud technology’s rise to fame wasn’t as instantly booming as ‘The Last of Us’ or ‘Mandalorian’ (we thank you, Pedro Pascal), its current popularity is hard to ignore.

If we look at IDC’s latest SaaSPath Survey, it’s clear that integrated cloud solutions take an overwhelming preference among ERP customers. 74% show a preference for an integrated suite of applications that eliminate the upkeep of on-premises systems. Pure cloud takes that preference further.

Pure Cloud embeds native-cloud tech into IT infrastructures. Taking print as the obvious example, a solution that is pure cloud allows your IT team to access simple, yet powerful software that delivers secure printing capabilities to users without needing on-premises infrastructure aside from the printers themselves.

With Pure Cloud embedded terminals, you get access to a native-cloud solution directly from the panel of your existing MFPs.

Before you think “OK, so we’re just talking about cloud print solutions in general?”. Not quite.

The difference between cloud software delivered through pure cloud terminals versus other delivery models is that no additional infrastructure is necessary. Instead of having a PC Client or Secondary Gateway on your network to route jobs from the cloud to the printer, an embedded app on the printer retrieves jobs from the cloud and processes them for printing.


Are Pure Cloud and True Cloud the Same Thing?

Not exactly. When we talk about Pure Cloud, we’re talking first and foremost about how we’re able to deliver our true cloud solution, SAFEQ Cloud, to customers without requiring them to get their hands on additional hardware for their IT infrastructure.

In other words, Pure Cloud is an infrastructure-less enablement option (embedded application) that connects your ERP systems to the cloud. While Pure Cloud is about enablement, True Cloud is about migrating to the cloud using a cloud-centric platform. Just as well as we have on-premises private cloud and hybrid cloud deployment, true cloud deployment allows you to migrate your IT capabilities to a native cloud solution.

Because the two cloud technologies amount to the same result, ultimately you can say that it’s “same, same, but different”. Pure Cloud is an application that you can add to your existing platform (purchased from a vendor). True Cloud is a platform in itself.


7 Ways Pure Cloud Solutions Spur Innovation

Cloud technology is advancing every month, week, every day even. With the shift to cloud services, organizations are looking for innovative ways to manage their IT infrastructure while ensuring data security. Let’s look at how Pure Cloud helps spur innovation with SAFEQ Cloud and Y Soft’s Pure Cloud Terminals for reference.


1. It Accelerates the Low-Touch Software Trend

"It’s not a matter of if, but when, the industry will be disrupted. 71% of print industry executives expect there will be disruption ahead." - Quocirca.

Traditional delivery models are wearing thin and the feature focus is changing. Today, the focus is on creating better experiences, minimal requirements on IT teams, and solutions that are truly low-touch. Pure cloud terminals, like the ones at Y Soft, give users access to a high-speed, low-touch print infrastructure that makes document handling a breeze.

Innovative print solutions with next-gen cloud technology are managed by developers. This makes the interaction between the customer’s IT department and the platform simpler and faster.

2. It Makes Print Hardware Obsolete

We touched on this quickly earlier in the article. Pure cloud terminals provide access to a true cloud system with an app, hereby superseding additional infrastructure. In a print context, you are no longer required to purchase an additional secondary gateway or PC client to access your cloud infrastructure. Instead, it will be seamlessly integrated with your existing MFPs’ panels.

3. It Gives Experts Visibility into Enhancement Potential

Pure cloud terminals give IT teams access to next-generation cloud tech. This technology is hosted, maintained, and managed by its developers. While you get the benefit of not having to manage your ERP systems, it also benefits innovation. This is because the experts behind the solution get first-hand experience of its enhancement potential. 

Since the solution provider manages the solution on behalf of the customer, they get clear visibility into areas of improvement and software strengths. This allows them to quickly react and innovate their solutions further. 

4. It Ensures Resources can be Spent on Novel Ideas

Modern IT solutions free up time for IT departments and teams to focus on more strategic (and, quite frankly, more interesting) initiatives. Innovative printing technologies also allow information to be printed and scanned more economically.

Cost savings and less of an IT burden mean in-house IT experts have time to build the backbone of an effective digital enterprise.

At the same time, with innovative printing capabilities like digital printing, automation, and artificial intelligence, even the developers can manage the IT systems on behalf of the customers while also having time to drive innovation in printing forward.

5. It Facilitates Hybrid & Remote Offices

True cloud technology welcomes the future with open arms. Pure cloud terminals enable an infrastructure-less connection to cloud services that are accessible from anywhere.

By transforming your IT infrastructure with a solution like SAFEQ Cloud, you’ll access the same easy-to-use interface regardless of devices and operating systems. Armed with an internet connection, team members across the globe can access and transport their print without hassle. With pure cloud terminals, adopt the hybrid and remote work model and let employees work with the same level of efficiency and availability wherever they are.

6. Pure Cloud is Elastic & Adoption-Focused

Embrace total infrastructure simplicity and make print easy—to oversee, use, and scale. With true cloud software delivered in a SaaS format, you’re able to easily scale up or down as your business grows or needs change. Its flexible nature makes it easy to account for highs and lows in office needs and allows users instant fulfillment and consistent experiences regardless of what device they print to, no matter where they print from.

7. It Helps IT Departments Develop

A zero-infrastructure gateway to the cloud demands no management or troubleshooting. At least not for you–we’ll take care of that for you. If we look at SAFEQ Cloud, we’ve made it a zero-management platform for our customers.

Why? Because getting rid of the pains of print management, your IT team becomes business-oriented.

Without having to troubleshoot user issues or manage an IT Helpdesk, your team can transform (whether you’re already on that journey or not) from a back-office function to a true business-generating unit.

Learn more about that here → No Print Management with SAFEQ Cloud


FAQs on Pure ClouD

Q1) What are Y Soft’s Pure Cloud Terminals? 

SAFEQ Cloud’s pure cloud terminals ensure organizations of all sizes can reach an infrastructure-free print and scan environment in the cloud. The pure cloud terminal is an embedded application that gives users access to a simple, yet powerful cloud print software solution without the need for a PC client or physical gateway application.

Q2) What is the benefit of Pure Cloud Terminals? 

The benefits of pure cloud terminals include: 

  1. No physical or virtual gateways required (less infrastructure).
  2. Cost reduction as you won’t have to purchase any hardware or commission and maintain a virtual machine.
  3. Gives users easy access to simple print and scan workflows.
  4. Ensures a better and consistent user experience for end-users.
  5. Enables modern network architecture.

Final Points

There’s no denying that the cloud is the future. Various studies (IDC, Quocirca, MarketResearch, etc.) have unanimously concluded that more and more companies are looking to leverage the powers and potentials locked within cloud technology. Paul Birkett, Worldwide Head of Print and Workflow Management at HP, says the following:

The first thing we’re seeing is that long talked about migration to the cloud is now in full swing. Companies, large and small, are looking now at their print infrastructure and saying that it’s time. (…) We're starting to see those markets that were cloud resistant become very cloud positive now.


Listen to his thoughts on the future of printing here: The No Print Management Podcast - A Sitdown with Paul Birkett from HP

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